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Me Vs. Working Out

I consider myself to be a pretty tough person. In my family, I had to learn to be ready to stand my ground when it came time to deal with my older brothers, for example. In school, I was mentally tough and would stay up all night to study when I had invitations from cute boys to go to parties and stuff.

However, there’s one opponent that I can never beat for long: working out.

Working out always wins. Don’t get me wrong, I exercise pretty regularly and I look very fit, but my goodness! It never gets easier.

I dread working out, but I go because I also dread not being able to fit my butt into my jeans anymore. I also dread not looking as good in a dress as my mother, who I hate for never having to exercise to keep a gorgeous figure for all of her adult life.

So, I go to the gym. I get on the treadmill and bore my face off while running. I use the elliptical, or whatever that thing is called. I even try aerobics classes, hot yoga, and anything else that’s a new fad (cardio kickboxing wasn’t for me: too much “cardio”, not enough “kickboxing”! I want to hit stuff).

I swear, if I can find a form of exercise that I can actually enjoy, my life will be so much more enjoyable! For now, working out has me on the ropes.