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My Favorite Concert Ever

I’m a big music fan. I love all kinds of music, but Latin music has always spoken to me. Because of that, my favorite concert I’ve ever attended was probably when I saw the Kumbia Kings  back when I was 22 years old. I went with my sister, Consuela (I call her “Connie”, which she hates, but that only makes me call her it more often).

Connie and I were the biggest Kumbia Kings fans ever. They broke up the next year and I haven’t really been into their type of music since then, but for the time of this concert, I was a huge fan. We knew all the words, and they played some of our favorite songs, like “Boom Boom” and “No Tengo Dinero”.

The biggest thing that made me love the concert was just being there with my sister. My sister and I weren’t always that close because of our age difference- she’s four years younger than me. Therefore, when I had a difficult time adjusting to America when I was 14, she was only 10 and didn’t really understand what I was going through.

For the concert, she was 18 and it was our first time really hanging out as peers and fellow adults, which made me see her in a whole new light. Now, I think of that concert as the beginning of our time as good friends, instead of just my continuing to be her nagging older sister and her being the annoying younger sister!